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Added Values of Hiring Axcell as your Private Accounting Department

Added Values of Hiring Axcell as your Private Accounting Department

As a trusted advisor, Axcell help our clients with much more than accounting and taxes. Clients often need assistance beyond these standard services. With the new CBE and ministry of investment initiatives to provide access for funding by SMEs at deeply discounted rates, businesses should prepare strong documents in order to gain such benefits in record time. As prices soaring and subsidy cuts continue, all businesses have to be equipped with comprehensive business plans detailing how revenue will be generated, loans settlement plans, and relations with stakeholders.

Bank Financing 

A big mistake many small business owners make in attempting to grow their business is applying for a loan with insufficient preparation. The number of business failure to acquire such opportunistic financing schemes are far more than the ones who were able to successfully gain it.

Axcell helps businesses in whatever phase; become savvier by preparing comprehensive loan proposals. These should include the documentation needed for such applications, i.e. business plan, credit report, income tax returns, and financial statements.

Cash Flow Management

We help our clients in many aspects, from developing cash flow projections (daily, weekly, monthly, annual) to directing them to lenders, who can extend a competitive line of credit to ensure payroll, bills and other key business needs are met. Enhanced collection management improve cash flow and optimize the operating performance. Axcell can improve cash flow position of clients by optimizing working capital, by working on payment terms for vendors, as well as clients, optimize level of inventory investment, and banking / financing formula between debt and equity.

Strategic Business Planning

Many businesses rely on informed strategists outside their organization to help shape their roadmap. Or else start the project right away, without detailed business planning. Axcell helps our clients’ plans ideas on paper through business plans, which are not only needed to secure financing, but also are recommended when starting a new venture or product, expanding or pivoting a business, buying a competitor, or attempting to save a struggling business. We also help our clients conduct market research to help inform them of the potential of these moves.

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